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David TilleyModerator

While I was in USA for 2 weeks, I did a lot of hunting around in stores. The latest long card batch was to be found in many stores, although not all of them. I did find one store that had nothing but Coyote 500s. But out of the “F20” dated batch I was seeing in stores, the ones that were hanging around were the Karmann Ghia, the International MXT and the Helicopter. That new 2-story bus is proving hard to find. The Dump Dozer seems to be moving too. In fact, I saw less of that than I did of the Ground Grinder which was still hanging around from previous batches. The more realistic of the vehicles seem to be some of the slower sellers. We may complain; some more than others; but the stuff we are not liking is the stuff that is selling better.

The first TRU I hit on the Tuesday had just stocked with the F20 batch. I went back the following Monday before leaving and just like elsewhere the weird stuff was gone and the realistic stuff was hanging (and that helicopter, which never sells).

I come back to the UK to find that Tesco have significantly increased their Matchbox area (2 shelves instead of 1). Morrisons are still keeping up to date with regular restocks, and although I haven’t been there yet, I am hearing Asda are starting to restock them again too as their stores do their resets. I will have to check that out when I get a chance to see if it is true.

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