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@mbx64 wrote:

Brad, the Fisker Karma is not a peg warmer around here, or anywhere from what I’ve heard. The store probably got a big return or something, because there’s no way they would just accumulate 40 Karmas. Maybe it was a special order?

The Karma around here is an EXTREMELY hot seller. In fact, I was only able to find one of the black version from the 2011 mainline that you had pictured. It was the first to go around here!

You talk about the US&A – elsewhere out of your land the story may be very different.

Things in your country will sell very differently.

So hence why there may be little interest in that 50s Buick over here, but in the US it will be a “home run” as you folk call it. (I am not sure that you follow soccer ball, hence I will refrain from using such phrases).