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David Tilley

It is great that we all have different opinions on things. When it comes to the 1970s generic stuff there were some I detested. The Tyre Fryer is my most despised model of all time. I hated that thing as a kid. It almost gave me nightmares due to its ugliness and the way the rear end rose up so much. Yuck. I have a single example of it in my collection, purely because I am wanting to get all castings from 1969 Superfast to present. I really do not like it. But on the other hand, that Gruesome Twosome is beautiful. I absolutely love it. Out of all the fantasy vehicles ever done, I have always had a soft spot for this one.

It was basically the first model that really got me into shade collecting, as there is just so much variety in the golds available. So blame that model for my obsession for finding loads of shades on things. I have always been a fan of that casting. Above are just some of the shades of gold I have. I have picked up more since those photos were taken in 2009. I just don’t have a photo of the shades I now own. It is soooooooo cool.

As to the modern vehicles, I am not a huge fan of any of the new castings. But had they been made completely of metal with multiple moving/opening parts and real licensed vehicles I would still be saying the same. The excavator looks decent for what it is. I actually prefer it over the supposed tracked excavators of old. I prefer wheeled vehicles to non-wheeled vehicles. But I am not a construction fan, and pretty much all construction vehicles receive the same “meh” from me.

The long nosed tractor is fairly decent looking. But just like construction I am not into farming. So again it gets a “meh” from me.

But, I have to admit, I find the new dune buggy pretty ugly. My thoughts for this one were pretty low anyway, as the picture shown at the Gathering last year of a real army dune buggy was pretty ugly. I had a feeling the model would be as bad. Sadly, it is. That moves from “meh” to “bleh” on my yeh/meh/bleh scale.

If they want a new army vehicle, let’s try something totally different. Can you just imagine something like this Ridgeback Mastiff.

:) :D :P