Reply To: Curtis deletes X-mas bus sticky thread


@bigtractormike wrote:

He stated to me there was an update available that would most likely fix a bunch of the issue with the software, but in his present condition he is unable to do it.

I’m assuming he has to do it from his computer , as it has the software in it, or can an offsite person do it ??

it needs to be installed !!


The forums run off the remote server (the service he makes wild inflated claims about costing so much). The update can be installed by anyone, anyone who has the password and account information. I suspect his present condition has nothing to do with it. The update isn’t free, he has to pay for it. Since he has no job and no income (outside of “donations” from members), I suspect his actual problem is: no money. His last fundraiser very likely (at best) broke even after paying Colorcomp (i.e was a total failure that left him with nearly half of the models sitting in a box and no profit).

One of his first attempts at a Christmas model was also a huge fail: The hotwheels Christmas model! Now, the 2013 Christmas models can join the hotwheels and gather dust together.

With regard to the comment “it needs to be installed,” I would disagree and here’s my reasons:

1. Curtis’ was completely overwhelmed by the last update and clearly the software was beyond has limited ability to understand and correctly implement. Much of issues with the site now is directly associated with his inability to cope with the last upgrade and are most likely fixable. He claims to be very savvy in this department, but I can assure you he is not. I had to fix several simple problems for him in the past and even his grasp of html is poor.

2. I suspect another update will take him even further out of his comfort zone and he will probably end up with more problems than he’s got now. Part of his problem is that he uses an older computer with an older operating system. The current mcch forum software is not downwardly compatable to the OS he runs (he’s using a Windows OS from early in the last decade and it’s at least 10 years old). He needs to upgrade to a currently supported OS so he can make refinements/adjustments to an update that’s designed to be run on the same (i.e. a currently supported OS).

3. Money, he has none. Last time, he raised the money from admins and members … even then it took him over half a year to purchase and implement the upgrade. Many of those people were pissed-off that it took so long and that the upgrade left the site in such a mess. I don’t see any more money coming from those folks.

4. The Place is dying is slow death and even a very successful upgrade will not save it. A cheap “Ice Pick” lobotomy on Curtis would be money better spent than on a software update. The problem is with the site owner, not the software.

5. Who gives a rat’s ass anyway! Most of us can’t go there even if we wanted to and lots of others won’t go there because of Curtis and his oppressive ways (not to mention the money begging and the complete sloth on his part).

Look at how he runs the place: You can’t type so many key words important to the hobby, You can’t speak out about anything that doesn’t seem right. He rules with negative reinforcement: Say something he doesn’t like you get a strike (or public demerit points). You cross his (always changing) line in the sand and you get banned! He controls moderators and admins by threatening to take away their mod or admin positions. He puts his head in the sand a pretends other hobby sites and social media sites do not exist (and forbids their mention and censors and edits out their names).

Yea, sure, I know some of you still “have friends there.” So do I (however, not many these days), but those with whom I was close … I am still close. Matters not what site they post on, we still communicate and visit with each other. If they still find the mcch site of use, good for them. I’m super happy being rid of Curtis and my hobby needs are far greater served at better sites (such as here and Nick’s site).