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@slowdive90 wrote:

I brought this very concern up to Andrew V. from Mattel at last year’s Gathering, and I explained that in just a few years, we’ve gone from having four complete 10-pack exclusives a year (plus having the other packs feature a single exclusive), to having all nine car packs with a single exclusive and massive duplication across packs. I said, “basically, a few years ago there were 44 or more exclusives in the entire ten pack run, now you have seven.” He completely understood my concern. The only problem was, that it wasn’t his department (the vehicle selection for those packs), but he “knew the person really well” and would pass it along to them. Sigh.

Remember how each year there were essentially 60 five-pack exclusives as well? What a golden era that was, where you could not only collect the 1-75, 1-100 lines, but you could conceivably end up with over one hundred other cars that had different tampos than the basic line vehicles, just by collecting five and ten packs. Now, the five-packs feature 4 out of 12 that have complete basic line duplication, and of the remaining eight packs, a minimum of one car per pack ends up being in the mainline with the same tampos, sometimes even two per pack (like the Mountain five pack last year with the Willys Jeep and VW Saveiro).

Five to six years ago: 100+ tampo exclusives in five and ten packs.
2014: 30+ tampo exclusives in five and nine packs.

Find the means to improve upon this, Mattel.


If you are going to this years gathering it might be worthwhile bringing up these points again, I know many other collectors are the same as me and are spending a lot less money on Matchbox because of these decisions, I refuse to pay for a 5 pack when all I get is one model so I no longer buy any of those so for this one collector at $15 each and at least 12 5 packs per year thats A$180 less Mattel will get each year form me.
Of course I dont buy the 10 packs either as mostly they are not sold in Australia but when you could find them I would grab them, now I dont bother with those either…more lost income from me and I know I am not the only one