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This is just COMPLETE BULLSHIT. Get your head out of your assess Mattel. This goes right up to Felix Holst responsibility…as much as I love that guy, as head of wheels division, he partially is the problem!

“For many years I have received a complimentary magazine called Toys and Games, sent because I used to attend the Annual Toy Fair in London when Matchbox had a huge stand. There were inevitably queues to get on to the stand and it was always the highlight of the year. Sadly, Mattel decided many years ago that they did not need to attend the Toy Fair and to my mind many potential sales were lost as all major competitors attended and displayed their wares.

The June magazine had exclusively Mattel logos on the front cover and I wondered whether I dared hope that there would be some mention of Matchbox within its pages. I learned that Mattel was the biggest spending toy company on advertising in the UK and that Hot Wheels has a new concept involving plastic track lanes which would be heavily advertised in all forms of media. It was a forlorn hope but I scanned the pages all relating to Mattel. Predictably, there was not a word about Matchbox”