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I probably should have checked with John before I just stopped going over there and tending to the Catalogue, but after the Bus fiasco, enough was enough. I could not imagine finding a replacement now.

Still, he spent a lot of time working on that Catalogue. I do feel bad, but I have no plans of working on it again.

Some members over there are somehow in the dark, and he acts like a monarch. I am telling you, if people somehow found out about this site, it would start booming. To be honest, it already is starting to really blossom. I see brand new members here starting to join the posting regularly at least once a week!

As soon as the MCCH is back up, you will be back over there………..

All a very recent turn of events – you were one person who defended Curtis to the hilt when there was a backlash against him despite the overwhelming evidence of his nonsense!

I have not logged in there for months. And, once again, a thread turns towards me. I wonder what your obsession is, but if you must indulge, then do so.

Originally, I did not think that the evidence you brought forth was reasonable. I knew that you guys in particular disliked him, and just thought most of it was hate. I now realize that you were right all along, although sometimes a little brash about your point.