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David TilleyModerator

It’s a possibility.

I have scoured the internet for new car launches for next year. Audi are going to launch the new A4 next year. If Matchbox were allowed in on the ground floor, they could be using the launch to give away a miniature of the real vehicle. You never know.

I have also been pondering BMW. With a deluge of new BMW models recently, ties with the BMW company must be going extremely well. With the new X7 being launched next year, it could be a possibility. We had 2 new bikes recently, followed by the 1M (M1 – whatever), and now we are getting a 5-series Police. Could an X7 be on its way too?

You never know, Lotus could be the manufacturer again. They did it well with the Evora. Why not with one of the new models they are creating?

All they are saying is it is a new European license. I can’t see why anything already available in the real world would have to be kept secret, so this to me has to be something not launched in real life yet. I am sure it has to be something the real manufacturer have allowed Mattel in on, but cannot divulge the information.

This is pretty exciting to me, and I can’t wait to see what it finally turns out to be.

:) :D :P