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Nigel, instead of being sad that your reign is over, I will be happy that you were chosen for the position in the first place, and really took it to a passion. I loved your insight on the history of Matchbox, and how you submitted our questions to Mattel and posted the answers in the report. Great job for raising the bar! :)

Alfa Romeo 4C
: This model looks brilliant! The proportions take on a whole new level of realism, and I just love this car’s look. I saw it at its US debut in New York, and it was something else. You have to see it in person to fully experience its beauty. Thank you, Matchbox, for deciding to put this one in the range. It will sit nicely next to the McLaren, Caterham, Aeromax, 1M, and other great sports car models. I cannot wait to see it decked out in those 5-spokes!

Ford F-350 Stake Truck: This one still looks really nice, and I like that Matchbox chose the older generation of the F-350 to finally be represented in the range.

Crime Crusher: Ew.

BMW 1M: I want it, want it, want it! It looks to be even more handsome in blue.

1992 Ford Mustang SSP: This one really is a shocker. I had very little expectations for this model, because I know it gets a lot of 1:64 representation, and I do not really like its styling. However, it is really nice, especially with the plastic headlights. An actual licensed CHP livery looks nice, not a knockoff like the 2009 Mainline ’06 Dodge Charger. This model reminds me of the New Golden Era!

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500HD: I have to admit to really digging this one. It may sit a little too tall, but it has that bold, broad face that makes it look so American and rugged. The metallic blue and chrome finish is worthy of a mainline release in itself!

I am glad to see the Crown Vic is newly modified. The headlights really bugged me, because they did not fit in the housing quite right. And, the inner headlight was filled with little dots like LEDs, which made no sense to me. I am glad this and the Monaco will see more use now!

Military Truck: It has that ‘Miguel’ look and feel to it. Very nice!

Lamborghini LM002: This is one of the funkiest Lamborghini classics, and I never would have guessed it being picked for the Matchbox mainline. I am definitely going to enjoy this one.

Generic Beach Buggy: Really cute and clean for a generic. Surf boards please.

Cadillac One Limousine
: This one should garner a lot of interest, and it does from me. I hope that it replaces that terrible generic Limousine from around 2003.

Tesla Model S: I am ecstatic over its inclusion in the line, however, this resin pre-pro has me worried. That front end slopes down waaaay too low, and ruins the look of it. The front fascia and headlights need to be lifted up a little. Cannot wait to put this next to the Karma.

Roar By Four: Another really neat generic, unlike anything in the line right now.

BMW M5 Police: This is not just a 5 Series police, but the M version. I can tell from the front of it, and it looks PERFECT. The gaping front vents, the angry expression, and the slowly sloping shoulder line are all represented nicely. This should be killer in those 5-spokes. Folks across the pond finally have a new emergency vehicle to look forward to.

2015 Ford F-150 Contractor Truck: I knew the F-150 would be in the new models list. Matchbox does at least one new Ford every year, and this was the only model I could think of, and I was right. It looks very clean so far, and with hope may be heavier than the F-550 Mini Pumper.

Mack CF Pumper: That rear end looks really low to me, but after perusing the web, I found that some look like that. Everything else looks fine.

Critter Truck: Ew.

Meter Made/Maid: Sweet! Another cute model to fill a niche in the lineup.

GHE-O Rescue
: I love the idea of licensed off-roaders. Keep them coming!

Crop Sprayer: I like it all except the front end. It is too low, and reminds me of the Grappler truck. Meh.

2013 Ford Cargo
: Yippeee! A replacement for the DAF, and it looks great! I hope there are more to come, as I am actually a secret truck fanatic.

Airport Tractor: Another diverse model, and its functionality is a plus.

Fire Boat: I am ‘meh’ on boats, but I admire this one.

2015 Porsche Cayman: This one, like the Tesla, leaves me worried. The front end is off here too, but this one has the opposite problem of the Tesla; the front is too tall. The haunches are too exaggerated over the front wheels arch. I may just be picky because I am really excited about it.

Mining Dump: Another completely new model that is a plus in my book.