Matchbox Collectibles

The ‘Matchbox Collectibles’ range was first introduced in 1992 by Tyco Toys Inc., the idea originating in Australia that the “Models of Yesteryear’ range would have better sales if it was marketed directly to adult collectors. It was infact as time has shown the begining of the end for the Yesteryear range.
Instead of issuing various Yesteryear models throughout the year and having them sold via the normal retail outlets it was decided that the vehicles would be issued in sets (eg: Great Beers of the World) and sold through authorised Collectible centres. This idea didnt go down to well with the collectors of the brand, who were being targeted with this method, as it meant that to have a complete set a lot more cost would be involved each year just to get the base set. Of course this cost was even greater if the collector wanted to also collect any variations that became known.