Miniature Box Types

Boxes and box design form a large part of some peoples collection. The boxes like the vehicles themselves have undergone massive changes through the years.
The first boxes from 1953 were a simple drawing of the model contained in the box, by 1962 the drawing at been replaced by a more colourful and complex drawing of the model. The 1970’s saw the introduction of the ‘Superfast’ branding and a lot more colour.
1983 with the takeover by Universal saw the cost cutting measures take place and for the first time a generic box was used instead of the more traditional individual boxes. Because the boxes were now generic, they had a clear perspex window placed in the box to allow the customer to see the contents. These generics boxes also underwent changes through the years in colour and design until their eventual demise and replacement in 2004 with blister packaging now used as the standard.

Miniatures Box Type – A      
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