Non-Superfast / Non-Man Number Models

There have been over the years some special release models that when made were not given a MAN Number and do not fall under the NON-Superfast category either.  Those models are listed below.

Reference No. Description Year Released Scale Original casting
RN01 Silver Streak   1/62 MB01-B
RN02 Sleet-N-Slow   1/59 MB02-B / MB38-C
RN03 White Lightning   1/64 MB48-B
RN04 Flying Beetle   1/59 MB11-B
RN05 Hot Smoker   1/64 MB70-B
RN06 Lady Bug   1/59 MB31-M
RN07 Brown Sugar   1/64 MB26-B
RN08 Black Widow   1/62 MB41-B
RN09 Flamin’ Mantra   1/52 MB07-B
RN10 Golden X   1/64 MB33-B
TP-07 Glider Transporter      
TP-19 Cattle Trailer      
TP-20 Flat Car Side Tipper      
TP-21 Motorcycle Trailer      
TP-22 Peterbilt Long Haul Cab      
TP-26 Leyland Articulated Truck Cab      
FS001 Ford F-800 Delivery Van      
FS002 Ford F-800 Delivery Van w/container over cab     FS001
FST01 Ford Super Truck      
MLB01 Plymouth Prowler Concept Vehicle      
WRP01 ‘96 Pontiac Grand Prix      
WRP02 ‘96 Ford Thunderbird