MOY Wheel Types

Like the boxes and the models themselves, the wheels have under gone massive changes throughout the years, firstly all wheels were made from metal, whether they be solid, spoked or had a daisy pattern like those on the Y06-1. From 1960 till 1972 when the Yesteryear range was put on hiatus, most wheels were given a brass finish and were then fitted with a plastic ‘tyre’.

When the Yesteryear range was re-introduced in 1974, the wheel rims were made from plastic, of which there are now a myriad of different styles. Most models were made with either 12 spoke or 24 spoke wheels as these were the most popular, but certain models didnt lend themselves to these styles, so others were also introduced and in many variations. There are solid wheels such as those on the Y12-5 GMC Van or the YVT02 Dodge Airflow, 8 spoke designs as used on the Y18-2 Atkinson Steam Wagon and countless others. Each of the wheels regardless of style was issued (dependant on model) in a wide variety of colours