1982 – 1992 : Universal Toys Ltd

24 September 1982 was the day David Yeh owner of “Universal Toys” became the owner of “Matchbox Toys Ltd”, the company formed after the original Lesney Products was sent into receivership.
Although the company name had changed, it took several years before the name of “Lesney Products” was removed from all dies; in fact some carried the name right up till 1985. Most of the original tooling was purchased by Jack Odell, who used it to setup his own die-casting company under the name of “Lledo”.
Within months of the takeover much of the tooling for “Matchbox Toys” had begun to be moved to Macau. 1983 saw the first Matchbox with a “Made in Macau” baseplate. Models of Yesteryear however remained at the Rochford plant until they too moved some 4 years later.
1987 saw Universal Toys acquire the trademark of “Dinky” from Kenner-Parker, thus adding it to the Matchbox stable of brands. Matchbox Toys however was no longer just in the business of die cast toys, they started producing other non die cast toys such as dolls and the like.
By early 1992 the original “Models of Yesteryear” series of 16 models had increased to 66 models, David Yeh had begun to look for a buyer to offload “Matchbox Toys” and by October of that year he had found one in “Tyco Toys”

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