What Should I Collect?

This is obviously entirely up to you! The choice is endless, you can collect only ‘Models of Yesteryear’, ‘Skybusters’, ‘KingSize’, ‘1-75 Miniatures’ range or any other category or combination that you like.
Some people specialise in just one range, the following lists some areas you may like to investigate:

* Models issued in ‘Matchboxes’
* Models issued before 1970 (before the introduction of ‘Superfast’ wheels)
* Models issued before 1982 (before the take over by Universal Matchbox)
* Models produced from 1970 onwards (after the introduction of ‘Superfast’ wheels)
* Preproduction models
* Automobiles
* Commercial vehicles
* Giftware items
* Catalogues
* Code 2 models

As an example, if you decide to collect ‘Models of Yesteryear’ there have been a vast number of items produced from 1956 to the present day that you might wish to obtain. Therefore, to make things more manageable and easier on the pocket, a lot of collectors tend to specialise in one particular area. Specialising also enables some expertise to be built up on your chosen field. For example, I restrict my ‘serious’ collecting to all ‘Models of Yesteryear’ and only ‘1-75’ miniatures from 1970 onwards. Someone else may wish to collect all commercial vehicles whereas fire engines may attract another collector. Many collectors try to collect as many different items as possible, whereas others are interested in minor casting variations of the same model. Another collector may wish to collect all newly released models, although so many are being released now by Matchbox that even the purchasing of new models can soon add up.

At the end of the day, the real answer I guess is that you should collect whatever makes you happy, only you can decide !!!

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