Where can I get older models from ?

You could try your attic! If that fails then you really must visit a dealer or a swap meet. Main dealers often exhibit at swap meets but so do many collectors. Swap meets are a great place to find that illusive model and to talk to fellow enthusiasts. There are several large swap meets in most countries several times a year.
The occasional model can be found for sale at local markets but these tend to be in poor condition and for sale at a high price. I have found car boot sales totally disappointing when it comes to finding Yesteryears but you might be lucky!
Also there is always MICA; they produce a bimonthly magazine with a classified advertisement section that is free for members. Many Yesteryears can be seen for sale here and you might just find exactly what you have been looking for. You may also find models for sale from collectors and dealers advertising on the internet at sites such as eBay, Vectis or on various Matchbox forum sites.

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