Battle Kings

In 2006 a new series of multi packs began appearing, utilising the name previously used for a range of larger scaled models, the new ”Battle Kings” multi packs consisted of smaller scaled models with additional plastic components.

2006 Night Landing Matchbox Battle Kings : Night Landing – 2006
Night Fighters Matchbox Battle Kings Night Fighters - 2006
Sahara Strike Matchbox Battle Kings - Sahara Strike
2007 Front Liners Battle Kings : Front Liners
Snow Scouts Battle Kings : Snow Scouts – 2007
Mountain Defense Matchbox Battle Kings - Mountain Defence
Mountain Mission Matchbox Battle Kings - Mountain Mission
2008 Mountain Attack Matchbox 2008 Battle Kings - Mountain Attack
2009 Jungle Defence Matchbox Battle Kings : Jungle Defence – 2009
Jungle Attack Battle Kings : Jungle Attack – 2009
Urban Patrol Matchbox 2009 Battle Kings - Urban Patrol
2010 Coastal Strike Matchbox Battle Kings : Coastal Strike – 2010
Canyon Patrol Matchbox Battle Kings Canyon Patrol 2010
Canyon Raid Matchbox 2010 Battle KIngs - Canyon Raid


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