Battle Kings

Following the success of the SpeedKings & SuperKings ranges of larger models 1974 saw the introduction of a range of military themed large models appropriately titled ”Battle Kings”


Description  <click to enlarge>  Year Released
K-101 Sherman Tank 1974
K-102 A2 Tank 1974 
K-103 Chieftan Tank 1974 
K-104 King Tiger Tank 1974 
K-105 Hover-Raider 1974 
K-106 Tank Transporter 1974 
K-107 155 mm Self Propelled Howitzer 1974 
K-108 M3A1 Half Track A.P.C. 1974 
K-109 Sheridan Tank 1976
K-110 Recovery Vehicle 1976
K-111 Missile Launcher 1976
K-112 DAF Ambulance 1977
K-113 Military Crane Truck 1977
K-114 Army Aircraft Transporter 1977
K-115 Army Petrol Tanker 1977
K-116 Artillery Truck and Field Gun 1977
K-117 Rocket Launcher 1977
K-118 Army Helicopter 1979


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