With the change of the regular series to ”Superfast” the Kingsize range did not escape the upgrade and from 1971 they were rebranded as SuperKings as well as being split and expanded, along with the newly rebranded Superkings came the SpeedKings. To begin with some of the models were carried forward from the KingSize range but with upgraded ”Superfast” wheels.

Number Description <click to enlarge> Year Released
K1-3 Hydraulic Excavator  K1 Excavator 1970
K1-4 Kremer Porsche CK.5 1989
K2-3 Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck  K2 Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck 1969
K2-4 Car Recovery Vehicle K2 Car Recovery Vehicle 1977
K2-5 Kremer Porsche CK.5 Turbo 1989
K3-3 Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer K3 Massey Ferguson 1970
K3-4 Mod Tractor and Trailer  K3 Mod Tractor and Trailer 1974
K3-5 Grain Transporter K3 Grain Transporter 1981
K3-6 Ferrari 512.BB 1989
K4-3 Leyland Tipper  K4 - Leyland Tipper Truck 1969
K4-4 Big Tipper  K4 Big Tipper 1974
K4-5 RJ Racing Ferrari 512BB 1989
K5-2 Racing Car Transporter  K5 Racing Car Transporter 1967
K5-3 Muir-Hill Tractor & Trailer K5 Muir Hill and Dumper 1972
K5-4 Lancia Rallye 1989
K6-3 Cement Mixer  K6 Cement Mixer 1971
K6-4 Motor Cycle Transporter K6 Motor Cycle Transporter 1976
K6-5 Zakspeed Ford Mustang Turbo 1989
K7-2 Refuse Truck  K7 Refuse Truck 1967
K7-3 Racing Car Transporter K7 Racing Transporter 1973
K7-4 Zakspeed Ford Mustang Turbo 1989
K8-3 Caterpillar Traxcavator  K8 Caterpillar Traxcavator 1970
K8-4 Animal Transporter K8-4 Animal Transporter 1981
K8-5 Ferrari F40 1989
K9-2 Claas Combine Harvester  K9 Claas Combine Harvester 1967
K9-3 Fire Tender  K9 Fire Tender 1973
K9-4 Ferrari F40 Racing 1989
K10-2 Pipe Truck K10 Pipe Truck 1967
K10-3 Car Transporter K10 Car Transporter 1976
K10-4 Chevrolet Camaro Turbo 1989
K11-2 DAF Car Transporter  K11 DAF Car Transporter colour trial 1969
K11-3 Pickup Truck K11 Pick Up Truck 1976
K11-4 Dodge Delivery Van K11-4 Dodge Delivery Van 1981
K11-5 Porsche 959 Racing 1989
K12-2 Scammell Crane Truck  K12 Scammell Crane Truck 1969
K12-3 Hercules Mobile Crane K12 Hercules Mobile Crane 1975
K12-4 Porsche Turbo 959 1989
K13-2 DAF Building Transporter   1971
K13-3 Aircraft Transporter K13 Aircraft Transporter 1976
K14-2 Scammell Freight Liner  K14 Scammel Freight Liner 1971
K14-3 Heavy Breakdown Truck K14 Heavy Breakdown Truck 1977
K15-1 Merryweather Fire Engine  K15 Merryweather Fire Engine 1964
K15-2 The Londoner  K15 The Londoner 1973
K16-1 Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers K16 Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers 1966
K16-2 Ford LTS Articulated Tanker  K16 Ford LTS Articulated Tanker 1974
K17-1 Lowloader with Bulldozer K17 LowLoader 1967
K17-2 Articulated Container Truck  K17 Low Loader with Bulldozer 1974
K18-1 Articulated Horse Box K18 Articulated Horse Van 1967
K18-2 Ford LTS Articulated Tipper  K18 Ford LTS Articulated Tipper 1974
K19-1 Scammell Tipper Truck K19 Scammell Tipper Truck 1967
K19-2 Security Truck K19 Security Truck 1979
K20-1 Tractor Transporter K20 Tractor Transporter 1968
K20-2 Cargo Hauler and Pallet Loader  K20 Cargo Hauler and Pallet Loader 1973
K20-3 Peterbilt Wrecker K20 Peterbilt Wrecker 1979
K21-3 Tractor Transporter K21 Tractor Transporter 1974
K21-4 Ford Transcontinental K21 Ford Transcontinental 1979
K22-3 SRN6 Hovercraft K22 SRN6 HOVERCRAFT 1974
K23-2 Lowloader & Bulldozer K23 Low Loader and Bulldozer 1974
K24-2 Container Truck K24 Container Truck 1976
K25-2 Digger and Plough K25 Digger and Plough 1977
K26-2 Cement Truck K26 - Cement Truck 1978
K27-2 Power Boat and Transporter K27 Power Boat and Transporter 1978
K28-2 Bedford Skip Truck K28 Bedford Skip Truck 1978
K29-2 Ford Delivery Van K29 Ford Delivery Van 1978
K30-2 Unimog and Compressor K30 Unimog and Compressor 1978
K31-2 Peterbilt Refrigeration Truck K31 Peterbilt Refrigeration Truck 1978
K32-2 Farm Unimog K32 Farm Unimog 1978
K33-2 Cargo Hauler K33 Cargo Hauler 1978
K34-2 Pallet Truck K34 Pallet Truck 1979
K35-2 Massey Ferguson Tractor & Trailer K35 Massey Ferguson Tractor and Trailer 1979
K36-2 Construction Transporter K36 Construction Transporter 1978
K37-2 Leyland Tipper K37 Leyland Tipper 1980
K38-2 Dodge Ambulance K38 Dodge Ambulance 1980
K39-2 E.R.F. Snorkel Fire Engine K39 Snorkel Fire Engine 1980
K40-2 Delivery Truck and Fork Lift K40 Delivery Truck and Fork Lift 1980
K41-3 JCB Excavator K41-2 JCB 1981
K42-2 Traxcavator Road Ripper K42 Traxcavator Road Ripper 1979
K43-2 Log Transporter 1981
K44-3 Bridge Transporter 1981
K65-1 Plymouth Emergency Rescue K65 Plymouth Emergency Rescue 1978
K66-1 Jaguar XJ12 Police Patrol K66 Jaguar XJ12 Police Patrol 1978
K67-1 Dodge Monaco Fire Chief K67 Dodge Monaco Fire Chief 1978
K68-1 Dodge Monaco and Trailer K68 Dodge Monaco and Trailer 1978
K69-1 Caravan Touring Set K69 Caravan Touring Set 1978
K70-1 Porsche Turbo K70 Porsche Turbo 1979
K71-1 Porsche Polizei Set K71 Porsche Police Set 1979
K72-1 Brabham Formula 1 K72 Brabham F1 1979
K73-1 Surtees Formula 1 K73 Surtees F1 1979
K74-1 Volvo Estate K74 Volvo Estate 1979
K75-1 Airport Fire Tender K75 Airport Fire Tender 1979
K76-1 Rally Set K76 Volvo Rally Support 1979
K77-1 Highway Rescue K77 Highway Rescue 1979
K78-1 US Police K78 US Police Car 1979
K79-1 US Taxi K79 Plymouth Taxi 1979
K80-1 Dodge Custom Van K80 Dodge Custom Van 1980
K81-1 Suzuki Motorcycle K81 Suzuki Motorcycle 1981
K82-1 BMW Motorcycle 1981
K83-1 Harley Davidson 1981
K84-1 Peugeot 305 1981
K86-1 VW Golf 1983
K87-1 Tractor and Rotary Rake K87-1 Tractor and Rotary Rake 1981
K89-1 Forestry Set 1983
K90-1 Matra Rancho 1983
K91-1 Motorcycle Racing Set 1983
K92-1 Helicopter Transporter 1983
K93-1 Lamp Maintenance Set 1983
K95-1 Audi Quattro K95-1 Audi Quattro 1982
K96-1 Volvo Ambulance 1983
K97-1 Range Rover Police Set 1983
K98-1 Porsche 944 1983
K99-1 Dodge Polizei Van 1983
K100-1 Ford Sierra XR4i 1983
K101-1 Racing Porsche 1983
K102-1 Race Support Set 1983
K103-1 Peterbilt Tanker Truck 1983
K104-1 Rancho Rescue Set 1983
K105-1 Peterbilt Tipper Truck 1984
K106-1 Aircraft Transporter K106-1 Aircraft Transporter 1984
K107-1 Power Launch Transporter 1984
K108-1 Digger & Plough Transporter K108-1 Digger and Plough 1984
K109-1 Petrol Tanker 1984
K114-1 Mobile Crane 1985
K115-1 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16V 1985
K117-1 Bulldozer Transporter 1985
K120-1 Car Transporter 1986
K121-1 Peterbilt Wrecker 1986
K122-1 DAF Road Train 1986
K123-1 Cement Truck Leyland 1986
K124-1 Mercedes-Benz Refrigeration Truck 1986
K126-1 Helicopter Transporter 1986
K127-1 Peterbilt Tanker 1986
K128-1 DAF Aircraft Transporter 1986
K129-1 Power Launch Transporter 1986
K130-1 Digger Transporter 1986
K131-1 Petrol Tanker 1986
K132-1 Fire Engine 1986
K133-1 Refuse Truck 1986
K134-1 Fire Spotter Plane Transporter 1986
K135-1 Garage Transporter 1986
K136-1 Racing Car Transporter K136 Racing Car Transporter 1986
K137-1 Road Construction Set 1986
K138-1 Fire Rescue Set 1986
K139-1 Tipper Truck 1987
K140-1 Car Recovery Vehicle K140 Car Recovery Vehicle 1987
K141-1 Leyland Auto Loader 1987
K142-1 BMW Polizei Car 1987
K143-1 Emergency Van 1987
K144-1 Land Rover 1987
K145-1 Iveco Tipper 1988
K146-1 Jaguar XJ-6 1988
K147-1 BMW 750iL 1988
K148-1 Crane Truck 1988
K149-1 Ferrari Testarossa 1988
K150-1 Leyland Truck 1988
K151-1 Skip Truck 1988
K152-1 1988
K153-1 Jaguar XJ6 Police 1988
K154-1 BMW 750i Polizei Car 1988
K155-1 Ferrari Testarossa 1988
K156-1 Porche 911 1988
K157-1 Racing Porsche 944 1988
K158-1 Ford Sierra XR4i K-158 Ford Sierra XR4i 1988
K159-1 Racing Car Transporter Porsche 1988
K160-1 Racing Car Transporter Matchbox 1988
K161-1 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit 1989
K162-1 Sierra RS500 Cosworth K162 Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1989
K163-1 Unimog Snow Plough 1989
K164-1 Range Rover 1989
K165-1 Range Rover Police K165 Range Rover Police 1989
K166-1 Mercedes-Benz 190E 1989
K167-1 Ford Transit 1990
K168-1 Porsche 911 Carrera 1990
K169-1 Ford Transit Ambulance 1990
K170-1 JCB Excavator 1990
K171-1 Toyota 4×4 1990
K172-1 Mercedes-Benz 500SL 1992
K173-1 Lamborghini Diablo 1992
K179-1 Suzuki Santana 1992

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