Real Working Rigs

In response to calls from collectors around the world 2009 saw the introduction of the ‘Real Working Rigs’ range of vehicles. These models are roughly 1:64 scale, and have many working parts making them extremely life like.
They were really well accepted by collectors but sadly the range was ended in 2012 although occasionally the dies are still used in other ranges.

Number Description Year Released <click to enlarge>
RW001 Mercedes-Benz Actros Cement Mixer 2009 RW001-02 Mercedes-Benz Actros Cement Mixer
RW002 Autocar ACX Garbage Truck 2009 RW002-03 : Autocar ACX Garbage Truck
RW003 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder 2009 RW003-04 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder (©John Lambert)
RW004 Western Star 6900XD Wrecker 2009
RW005 International Workstar 7500 Dumptruck 2009 Matchbox Working Rigs : RW005 : International Workstar 7500 Dump Truck
RW006 International Durastar 4400 2009 Matchbox Working Rigs RW006 : International Durastar 4400
RW007 Kenworth T800 2009
RW008 MAN TGS Flatbed 2009
RW009 MBX Bulldozer 2009
RW010 MBX Crane Truck 2010 RW010-01 MBX Crane Truck
RW011 JCB 726 ADT (Articulated Dump Truck) 2010
RW012 Mega Tractor 2010
RW013 Case IH Combine 2010
RW014 Abrams M1A1 Tank 2010
RW015 Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck 2010 Matchbox Working Rigs RW015 : Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck
RW016 DAF Skip Truck 2010
RW017 Oshkosh P-Series Snow Plow 2010
RW018 Colet K/30 Jaguar 2010
RW020 MBX Road Grader 2011
RW021 Sno-Cat Series 2000 2011
RW022 E-One Mobile Command Vehicle 2011
RW023 GMC C8500 Topkick Tree Trimming Truck   RW023 : GMC C8500 Topkick Tree Trimming Truck
RW024 GMC T8500 Airport Truck 2011
RW025 Buffalo MPCV 2011
RW026 New Holland TV6070 2012
RW027  Crop Sprayer 2012
RW028 MBX Excavator 2012 RW028-03 MBX Excavator
RW029 Vacuum Truck 2012
RW030 Freightliner M2 106 Satellite Truck 2012
RW031 Stryker M1128 MGS 2012
RW032 MBX Jungle Expedition Truck 2012
RW033 MBX Missile Launcher 2012
RW034 MBX All-Terrain Tractor 2012
RW035 Rolling Raider 2012 
RW036 Fire Stalker 2012 
RW037 Rolling Raider 2014 
Cement Truck  
International Workstar Street Cleaner 2020 Matchbox Working Rigs RW043 : International Workstar Street Cleaner
RW046 Road Scraper  
RW047 Scania Tactical Command Center  
RW048 Altenualer Truck 2019  Matchbox Working Rigs RW048 : GMC 3500 Attenuator Truck
RW050 International Durastar Box Truck  


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