Major Packs

1957 saw the introduction of new ranges amongst those were the ‘Major Packs’ the forerunner to the King Size range of models.

Issue Description < click to enlarge > Year Released
M1 Caterpillar Earth Scraper Major Pack 1 1957
M2-A Bedford Articulated Truck Major Pack 2 1957
M2-B Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer M2-B Bedford Tractor & York Freightmaster Trailer 1961
M3 Tank Transporter Major Pack 3  1959
M4-A Ruston-Bucyrus Crane Major Pack 4 1959
M4-B Fruehauf Hopper Train M4 Fruehauf Hopper 1965
M5 Massey Ferguson 780 Combine Harvester Major Pack 5 1959
M6 Pickfords 200 Ton Transporter Major Pack 6 1960
M7 Jennings Cattle Truck  Major Pack 7 1960
M8-A Mobilgas Petrol Tanker  Major Pack 8 1960
M8-B Guy Warrior Car Transporter M8 Car Transporter 1964
M9 Inter-State Double-Freighter M9 Inter State Freighter 1962
M10 Dinkum Dumper  M10 Dinkum Dumper 1962

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