New for 1983; starting with a range of Peterbilt & Kenworth trucks with a great variety of trailers.

No. Description <click to enlarge> Released
CY01 Kenworth COE Car Transporter 1983
CY02 Kenworth COE Rocket Transporter 1983
CY03 Peterbilt Double Container Truck 1983
CY04 Kenworth Boat Transporter 1983
CY05 Peterbilt Covered Truck 1983
CY06 Kenworth Horsebox Transporter 1983
CY07 Peterbilt Petrol Tanker 1983
CY08 Kenworth COE Box Truck 1983
CY09 Kenworth Box Truck 1983 
CY10 Kenworth COE Racing Car Transporter 1983
CY11 Kenworth COE Helicopter Transporter 1983
CY12 Kenworth Aircraft Transporter 1986
CY13  Fire Engine 1986 
CY14 Kenworth Power Launch Transporter 1986
CY15 Peterbilt Transport Vehicle 1986
CY16 Scania Box Truck 1986
CY17 Scania Petrol Tanker 1986
CY18 Scania Container Truck 1986
CY19 Peterbilt Box Truck 1986
CY20 Kenworth Tipper 1986
CY21 DAF Aircraft Transporter 1987
CY22 DAF Power Launch Transporter 1987
CY23 Scania Covered Truck 1988
CY24 DAF Box Car 1988
CY25 DAF Box Truck 1990
CY27 Mack Box Truck 1990
CY28 Mack Container Truck 1990
CY29 Mack Aircraft Transporter 1991
CY35 Mack Tanker 1992
CY36 Kenworth Conv Box Car 1992


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