Theme : INC Constructions

In 2012 a new livery of bright blue & yellow featuring the name ”INC Constructions” was released and like other themed vehicles it soon became quite popular amongst collectors and spawned a range of vehicles in the distinctive colours.

The models with this theme now form a collection in their own right.

Year Model Name <click to enlarge>
2012 MB800 : Road Roller  
2013 MB703 : Tractor MB703-16 : Tractor
2014 MB687 : International CXT MB687-19 : International CXT
2014 MB918 : Drill Digger MB918-01 : Drill Digger
2014 MB886 : Ground Grinder MB886-03 : Ground Grinder ©ADLAR58
2015 MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-04 : Load Lifter
2018 MB1018 : MBXcavator MB1018-03 : MBXcavator
2018 MB1042 : Glass King MB1042-02 : Glass King
2018 MB834 : Crop Master MB834-06 : Crop Master

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