1986 saw a new range introduced to the Matchbox line, ”Specials” was the new larger diecast range of racing cars to compliment the Super Kings and other larger scaled diecast​

Number Description <click to enlarge> Year Released
SP1 Kremer Porsche CK-5 1986
SP2 Kremer Porsche CK-5 Turbo 1986
SP3 Pioneer Ferrari 512BB SP3 Pioneer Ferrari 512BB 1986
SP4 RJ Racing Ferrari 1986
SP5 Pirelli Lancia Rally 1986
SP7 Zakspeed Ford Mustang 1986
SP8 Zakspeed Mustang Turbo 1986
SP10 Heuer Racing Pro Stocker 1986
SP11 Total Chevrolet Camaro 1986
SP12 Chevrolet Camaro Turbo  SP12 Chevrolet Camaro Turbo 1986
SP13 Porsche 959 ED Racing 1986
SP14 Porsche Turbo 959 1986


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