With the change of the regular series to ”Superfast” the Kingsize range did not escape the upgrade and from 1971 they were rebranded as SuperKings as well as being split and expanded, along with the newly rebranded Superkings came the SpeedKings.
To begin with some of the models were carried forward from the KingSize range but with upgraded ”Superfast” wheels.

No. Description <click to enlarge> Year Released
K21-2 Cougar Dragster  K21 Cougar Dragster 1971
Replaced in 1974 with K21-3 as a SuperKings model
K22-2 Dodge Dragster  K22 Dodge Dragster 1971
Replaced in 1974 with K22-3 as a SuperKings model
K23-1 Mercury Police Car  K23 Mercury Police Car 1969
Replaced in 1974 with K23-2 as a SuperKings model
K24-1 Lamborghini Muira  K24 Lamborghini Muira 1969
Replaced in 1976 with K24-2 as a SuperKings model
K25-1 Boat & Trailer  K25 Boat Trailer  1971
Replaced in 1977 with K25-2 as a SuperKings model
K26-1 Mercedes Benz Ambulance  K26 Mercedes Ambulance  1971
Replaced in 1978 with K26-2 as a SuperKings model
K27-1 Camping Cruiser  K27 Camping Cruiser  1971
Replaced in 1978 with K27-2 as a SuperKings model
K28-1 Drag Pack  K28 Drag Pack  1971
Replaced in 1978 with K28-2 as a SuperKings model
K29-1 Lamborghini Muira, Boat & Trailer  K29 Lamborghini Muira-Boat-Trailer  1971
Replaced in 1978 with K29-2 as a SuperKings model
K30-1 Mercedes C.111 K30 Mercedes C111 1972
Replaced in 1978 with K30-2 as a SuperKings model
K31-1 Bertone Runabout K31 Bertone Runabout 1972
Replaced in 1978 with K31-2 as a SuperKings model
K32-1 Shovel Nose K32 Shovel Nose 1972
Replaced in 1978 with K32-2 as a SuperKings model
K33-1 Citroen S.M K33 Citroen 1972
Replaced in 1978 with K33-2 as a SuperKings model
K34-1 Thunderclap K34 Thunderclap 1972
Replaced in 1979 with K34-2 as a SuperKings model
K35-1 Lightning K35 Lightning 1972
Replaced in 1979 with K35-2 as a SuperKings model
K36-1 Bandeloro K36 Bandolero 1972
Replaced in 1978 with K36-2 as a SuperKings model
K37-1 Sandcat  K37 Sandcat 1973
Replaced in 1978 with K37-2 as a SuperKings model
K38-1 Gus’s Gulper  K38 Gus's Gulper 1973
Replaced in 1978 with K38-2 as a SuperKings model
K39-1 Milligans Mill K39 Milligans Mill 1973
Replaced in 1978 with K39-2 as a SuperKings model
K40-1 Blaze Trailer K40 Blaze Trailer 1973
Replaced in 1978 with K40-2 as a SuperKings model
K41-1 Fuzz Buggy K41 Fuzz Buggy 1973
K41-2 Martini Brabham F1 K41 Martini Brabham F1 1977
Replaced in 1981 with K41-3 as a SuperKings model
K42-1 Nissan 270X K42 Nissan 270X 1973
Replaced in 1979 with K42-2 as a SuperKings model
K43 Cambuster  K43 Cambuster 1973
Replaced in 1981 with K43-2 as a SuperKings model
K44-1 Bazooka K44 Bazooka 1973
K44-2 Formula 1 Surtees TS1 K44 Formula 1 Surtees TS1 1977
Replaced in 1981 with K44-3 as a SuperKings model
K45 Maurauder  K45 Maurauder 1973
K46 Racing Car Pack  K46 Racing Car Pack 1973
K47 Easy Rider  K47 Easy Rider 1973
K48 Mercedes 350 SLC  K48 Mercedes 1973
K49 Ambulance  K49 Ambulance 1973
K50  Street Rod  K50 Street Rod 1973
K51 Barracuda  K51 Barracuda 1973
K52 Datsun 240 Z Rally Car K52 Datsun 240Z Rally Car 1974
K53 Hot Rod Fire Engine  K53 Hot Fire Engine 1976
K54 A.M.X Javelin  K54 AMX Javelin 1976
K55 Corvette Caper Cart  K55 Corvette Caper Cart 1976
K56 Maserati Bora  K56 Maserati Bora 1976
K57 Javelin Drag Racing Set  K57 Javelin Drag Race Pack 1976
K58 Corvette Power Boat Set  K58 Corvette Power Boat Pack 1976
K59 Ford Capri II  K59 Ford Capri MkII 1976
K60 Mustang  K60 Mustang 1977
K61 Mercedes Police Car  K61 Mercedes Police Car 1977
K62 Doctors Emergency Car  K62 Doctors Car 1977
K63 Mercedes Benz ‘Binz’ Ambulance  K63 Mercedes Benz Ambulance 1977
K64 Fire Control Range Rover K64 Fire Control Range Rover 1978

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