MB574 : Jeep Cherokee (Roof Light)

The Interior colouring also applies to the side mouldings.

This casting was also used as MB168 but without the roof lights.

First Released : 2019
Scale :  1/58

IssueClick to ViewYear ReleasedBody ChassisInteriorWheelsWindowsRoof LightTampoBaseplateReleased
01MB574-01 Jeep Cherokee1996RedBlack PlasticBlack8 SpokeClearBlueFire Chief FD No.1China5 Pack #01 - Fire
02MB574-02 Jeep Cherokee1997RedBlack PlasticBlack 8 SpokeClearBlue/SilverMatchbox Fire Chief & White StripesChina5 Pack #07 - Fire
03MB574-02 and MB574-03 Jeep Cherokee1997RedBlack PlasticBlack 8 SpokeClearBlueMatchbox Fire Chief & White StripesChina5 Pack #07 - Fire
04MB574-04 Jeep Cherokee1997WhiteBlack PlasticDark Blue8 SpokeClearBlueRescue EMTChina5 Pack #04 - City Streets
05MB574-05 Jeep Cherokee1999RedBlue PlasticBlue8 SpokeClearBlueWinged LogoChina
1-75 (German) #23
5 Pack #01 - Airport
06MB574-06 Jeep Cherokee1999WhiteBlue Plastic8 SpokeYellowOrangeWater Works & Green Wave DesignChina1-100 (USA) #97
07RedBlack PlasticBlack & GreyChrome Disc with Rubber TyresClearBlueFire ChiefChina
082000TurquoiseBlack PlasticBlue8 SpokeSmokeAmberAnimal RescueChina
09WhiteBlue PlasticBlue8 SpokeLight SmokeBlueBlack & Orange hashChina
102000Dark BlueBlack PlasticBlack8 SpokeSmokeRedCamp Jeep 2000China
11WhiteWhite PlasticDark Red8 SpokeClearClear-China
12WhiteBlack PlasticDark Red8 SpokeClear Clear-China
132002WhiteRed PlasticRedSawbladeSmokeRedChief
142003RedOrange PlasticOrangeSawbladeOrange
152005WhiteWhite PlasticWhiteSawbladeBlueGreenGrey & Blue Design Logo
162006WhiteBlack PlasticBlack SawbladeSmokeRedMBX Coast Guard & Unit 168Thailand
172006WhiteBlack PlasticBlack LaceSmokeRedMBX Coast Guard & Unit 168Thailand
182019Red1-100 #51

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