2015 Real Working Rigs Mail In Offer

In 2015, Mattel ran a special ”Being a Hero Has It’s Rewards – Mail In” promotion in the USA.  To get the special models you had to spend at least US$20 in selected stores, send your receipt or proof of purchase in (along with US$3.50 for postage) , fill out the online form and you would be sent one of the special models.

2015 Heroes Mail In Form
If you spent your US$20 at Walmart or Target then you would receive the RW036 Fire Stalker

RW036 Fire Stalker (©John Lambert)

If you shopped at Toys R Us then you would get the RW003 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder Truck

RW003-04 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder (©John Lambert)

The third model on offer was the RW015 Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck for which your money had to spent at K-Mart or Kroger

RW015 Pierce Velocity Aerial Platform Fire Truck (©John Lambert)

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