Matchbox MB526 : Hummer H2 SUV Concept Matchbox MB982 : Hummer H2 SUV Concept Matchbox MB666 : Hummer H3
H2 SUV Concept (MB526) H2 SUV Concept (MB982) H3
Matchbox MB256 : Hummer Matchbox MB329 : Hummer with Armament Matchbox MB375 : Humvee
Hummer (MB256) Hummer with Armaments (MB329) Humvee (MB375)
Matchbox MB522 : Humvee Matchbox MB983 : Hummer Matchbox MB1098 : Humvee
Humvee (MB522) Hummer (MB983) Humvee (MB1098)
Matchbox MB1120 : Humvee
Humvee (MB1120)

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