Miniatures Working Rigs


Below is the complete lists of International models released.

Matchbox MB873 : International Armored Car Matchbox Working Rigs RW006 : International Durastar 4400 Matchbox MB1091 : 2009 International eStar
Armored Car (MB873) Durastar 4400 eStar
Matchbox MB1026 : International Lonestar Matchbox MB864 : 1976 International Scout 4×4
Lonestar Scout 4×4
Matchbox Working Rigs : RW005 : International Workstar 7500 Dump Truck Matchbox MB801-A : International Workstar Brush Fire Truck Matchbox MB939 : International Workstar Brush Fire Truck
Workstar 7500 Dump Truck Workstar Brushfire Truck (MB801) Workstar Brushfire Truck (MB939)
Matchbox Working Rigs RW043 : International Workstar Street Cleaner
Workstar Street Cleaner







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