MB1068 : Custom ’68 Mustang “Mudstanger”

First Released : 2017

Retooled version of MB1009 specially for the Color Changers range

01 02
Matchbox MB1068 : Custom ’68 Mustang “Mudstanger” Matchbox MB1068-02 : Custom ’68 Mustang “Mudstanger”
Released: 2017
Body: Yellow
Chassis: Grey
Interior: Grey
Wheels: 8 Dot Dual Ring (Chrome)
Windows: Smoke
Tampo: Skytraker
Baseplate: ©2016 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2019
Body: Pale Red
Chassis: Blue
Interior: Black
Wheels: 8 Spoke Rimmed (Black/Chrome)
Windows: Smoke
Tampo: Mudstanger 6
Baseplate: ©2016 Mattel Thailand
Color Changers Color Changers


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