MB640 : Go Rolla

First Released : 2004
Scale : Generic

Due to the unpopularity of this model, and in particular the entire ‘Hero City’ concept, it was never released on to the USA market.  This model was released in limited quantities to the ROW market such as Europe & Australia

Issue Year ReleasedBodyWindows/EyesExhaustRollersTampoBaseplate 
PP01MB640-PP01 Resin Prepro ©Jim Gallegos2004Grey ResinGrey ResinGrey ResinGrey Resin--Pre-Production Resin Model
01 2004OrangeDark SmokeYellowDark GreyYellow & Black© 2003 Mattel, Inc.
#10 : 2004 1-75 (ROW)
#19 : 2004 1-75 (USA)

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