MB889 : Food Truck

First Released : 2013
Scale : Generic

Issue <click to enlarge> Year Released Body Chassis Interior Windows Wheels Tampo Baseplate Released
01 MB889-01 : Food Truck 2013 White Orange Grey Blue/Green 6 Spoke Ringed Gear - Gold Mr Lugos Matchbox Thailand
Mattel MB889
1-120 #04
02 MB889-02 : Food Truck 2014 Purple Chrome White Clear 6 Spoke Ringed Gear - Chrome The Caramel Club Matchbox Thailand
Mattel MB889
1-120 #08

10 Pack

03 MB889-03 : Food Truck 2015 Pale Yellow Black Yellow Green 6 Spoke Ringed Gear - Green fun fun Sushi ©2014 Mattel
Matchbox Thailand
1-120 #09

10 Pack

5 Pack : City Adventure

After only 3 releases this casting was modified to have the service side now part of the main body moulding and it was re-released as MB999

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