Miniatures Box Type – F

Matchbox Miniatures Box Type – F

Box type ‘F’ is the last of the ‘Regular Wheel’ boxes before the shift to ‘Superfast’ and was only used for two years 1969 & 1970.

All models in the range can be found in this style box with the exception of the following models :

20c : Chevrolet Taxi
30c : Faun Crane
35b : Snow Trac
69b : Hatra Tractor Shovel

The difference in the variations is on the placement of the word ‘Series’. It is worth noting that there are known to be many very minor variations of the ‘F’ style box that are not listed here.

In 1970 some of the ”Transitional” models were released in F2 style boxes that had the inclusion of the new ”Superfast” logo added to them

F1 F2 F3
Matchbox Miniatures Box Type – F1 Matchbox Miniatures Box Type – F2 Matchbox Miniatures Box Type – F3
”Series” position : Inside blue number box ”Series” position : Underneath the final two letters of ”Matchbox” ”Series” position : Underneath blue number box
Matchbox Miniatures Box Type – F4    
”Series” position : Underneath the final two letters of ”Matchbox”

”Superfast’ logo added


*Information with permission from the website that was run by Nick Jones.

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