Olympic Heritage Collection

To celebrate the 2000 Olympic Games held in Sydney Australia, Matchbox Collectibles released a set of 13 vehicles to celebrate the various countries that had hosted the Olympics

OL001 1922 FODEN ‘C’ TYPE STEAM WAGON  Athens, Greece 1896  
OL002 1919 WALKER ELECTRIC VAN Paris, France 1900  
OL003 1918 ATKINSON STEAM WAGON  St Louis, United States 1904  
OL004 1920 PRESTON TYPE TRAMCAR  London, United Kingdom 1908  
OL005 1912 MODEL ‘T’ FORD VAN  Stockholm, Sweden 1912  
OL006 1918 CROSSLEY  Antwerp, Belgium 1920  
OL007 1907 UNIC TAXI  Paris, France 1924  
OL008 1927 TALBOT VAN  Amsterdam, Netherlands 1928  
OL009 1930 FORD MODEL ‘A’ Van  Los Angeles, United States 1932  
OL010 1932 MERCEDES-BENZ L5  Berlin, Germany 1936  
OL011 1939 BEDFORD KD TRUCK  London, United Kingdom 1948  
OL012 1948 COMMER 8 CWT Van  Helsinki, Finland 1952  
OL013 DY015 : 1952 Austin A40 GV4-10cwt Van Melbourne, Australia 1956 DY015-03 : 1952 Austin A40 GV4 10CWT Van

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