Tokyo Giants Set

In 1984 a range of MB102 : 4×4 Chevy Vans were produced for special release in the Japanese market. Each van was White with a black base, blue windows and Maltese Cross wheels; the tampo print on each model consisted of a orange and black stripe with the Giants name and then name & number of a player & the team logo.

Counter Display
Matchbox Tokyo Giants Set Matchbox Tokyo Giants Set

There are nine models in total for this collection 8 with players name and the team van.  The stripes and the word ”Giants” were tampo printed; the players name & number and the team logo were added to the van with a paper label.


Matchbox MB102-08 : 4x4 Chevy Van Matchbox MB102-08 : 4x4 Chevy Van


Each van had the team logo on one side with the player details on the opposite side.  On the base of each model was a mettalic label that read ‘© Tokyo Yomiuri Giants’ with their YG logo in the centre.

Matchbox Tokyo Giants Set

Player Number <click to enlarge>
Matsumoto 2 Matchbox MB102-08 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Shinozuka 6 Matchbox MB102-09 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Hara 8 Matchbox MB102-10 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Yamakura 15 Matchbox MB102-11 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Sadaoka 20 Matchbox MB102-12 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Nakahata 24 Matchbox MB102-13 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Nishimoto 26 Matchbox MB102-14 : 4x4 Chevy Van
Egawa 30 Matchbox MB102-15 : 4x4 Chevy Van

Each model was available only from the counter top display and did not come in a separate box like other releases.

Matchbox Tokyo Giants Set Poster

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