Matchbox Collectibles Models of Yesteryear

YFE : Fire Engine Series


Series I
YFE01 1920 Mack AC Fire Engine Matchbox Models of Yesteryear : YFE01 : 1920 Mack AC Fire Engine
YFE02 1952 Land Rover Auxilary
YFE03 1933 Cadillac Fire Engine
YFE04 1939 Bedford ”KD” Truck
YFE05 1932 Mercedes Benz Ladder Truck
YFE06 1932 Ford Model ”AA” Fire Engine
Series II
YFE07 1938 Mercedes KS15 Fire Truck
YFE08 1936 Leyland Cub Fire Engine FK-7
YFE09 1932Ford Model ”A’A’ Open Cab Fire Engine
YFE10 1937 GMC Van
YFE11 1930 Mack Tanker
YFE12 1930 Ford Model ”A” Pickup Truck
Series III
YFE13 1947 Citroen Type ‘H’ Van
YFE14 1953 Ford F-100
YFE15 1935 Mack AB Fire Engine
YFE16 1948 Dodge Route Van
YFE17 1939 Bedford Pump & Hose Truck
YFE18 1950 Fore E83W Van
Series IV
YFE19 1904 Merryweather Fire Engine
YFE20 1912 Mercedes Benz Motorspritze
YFE21 1907 Seagrave AC53 Fire Engine
YFE22 1916 Fore Model ‘T’ Fire Engine
YFE23 1906 Waterous Fire Engine
YFE24 1911 Mack Fire Engine
Series V
YYM35187 1953 Ford F-100
YYM35188 1952 Land Rover Auxiliary
YYM35189 1941 Chevrolet Model AK 1/2 Pickup Truck
YYM35190 1932 Ford Model ”AA” Fire Engine
YYM35191 1939 Bedford Airport Civil Fire Truck
YYM35192 1937 GMC Van
Series VI
YFE31 1948 GMC COE Pumper
YYM37631 1948 GMC COE Pumper
YYM37632 1932 Mercedes Benz ”L5” Lorry
YFE34 1932 Ford Model ”AA” Open Cab Fire Engine
YYM37633 1920 Mack AC Water Toweer Truck
YYM37634 1932 Ford Model ”AA” Open Cab Fire Engine
YYM37635 1936 Leyland Cub Open Top Ladder Truck
YYM37636 1946 Dodge Power Wagon WDX

There were also some additional ”Fire Engine” models released as specials.

Fire Engine Specials
YSFE01 1930 Ahrens-Fox Quad Fire Engine
YSFE02 1936 Leyland Cub Fire Engine FK-7
YSFE03 1905 Busch Self Propelled Fire Engine
YSFE04 1927 Ahrens-Fox N-S-4
YSFE05 1880 Merryweather Fire Engine
YSFE06 1956 Mack B-95 Pumper
YSFE07 1930 Ahrens-Fox QUad Fire Engine
YYM36400 1952 Land Rover Auxiliary

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