King Size

1966 : King Size


Number Description <click to enlarge>
K1 Hoveringham Tipper  K1 Hoverham Tipper
K2 KW-Dart Dump Truck  K2 - KW Dart Dump Truck
K3 Hatra Tractor Shovel  K3 Hatra Tractor Shovel
K4 McCormick International Tractor  K4 McCormick International Tractor
K5 Foden Dumper Truck  K5 Foden Dump Truck
K6 Allis-Chalmers Motor Scraper  K6 Allis Chalmers
K7 Curtiss-Wright Rear Dumper  K7 Curtiss Wright Rear Dumper
K8 Prime Mover & Caterpillar Tractor  K8 Prime Mover
K9 Aveling-Barford Road Roller  K9 Aveling Barford
K10 Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel K10 Aveling-Barford Tractor Shovel
K11 Fordson Tractor & Whitlock Trailer K11 Fordson Tractor & Trailer
K12 Foden Breakdown Tractor  K12 Foden Breakdown Truck
K13 Ready-Mix Concrete Truck  K13 Ready-Mix Concrete Truck
K14 Taylor Jumbo Crane K14 Taylor Jumbo Crane
K15 Merryweather Fire Engine  K15 Merryweather Fire Engine
K16 Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers K16 Dodge Tractor with Fruehauf Tippers Matchbox - New Model

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