RW003 : Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder

First Released : 2009
Scale : 1/87

This model is often confused with RW015 Pierce Velocity 100ft Aerial; this confusion is understandable as they are extremely similar models.  The key difference is in the ladder, this model has a straight ladder where as the RW015 has a bucket attached to the end of the ladder.

Issue Year ReleasedBodyChassisWindowsWheelsLadderControl PanelTampoBaseplate 
01RW003-01 Pierce Quantum Arial Ladder2009Fluorescent YellowChromeSmoke9 Dot Centre Star-YellowWhiteChromeBernalillo County FireThailand
02RW003-02 Pierce Quantum Arial Ladder2009RedChromeSmoke9 Dot Centre StarWhiteChromeSan Diego Fire RescueThailand
03 2009WhiteChromeSmoke9 Dot Centre StarGreyChromeMetropolitan City FireThailand
04RW003-04 Pierce Quantum Aerial Ladder (©John Lambert)2015RedChromeSmoke9 Dot Centre Star-RedGreyChromeLadder Truck 28Thailand2015 Mail In Offer

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