1953 : Matchbox Series

1953 saw the start of what has become a legacy in the toy industry.  4 models were scheduled for release to start it all off and to that end in May of 1953 Lesney issued a press release to that effect. The new product didnt actually ship to stores until September of 1953 and at that point only three models were available the 4th wouldnt be released until 1954.

Press Release : 1953 Press Release

Being the first year of Matchbox there was of course only one type of packaging used and that of course is where the name comes from the ‘Matchbox’ styled box.

Box Type ‘A’
Miniatures Box Type – A


Issue No.  Model Name < click to enlarge >  
01 Diesel Road Roller Matchbox 01A-01 : Diesel Road Roller Matchbox - New Model
02 Dumper  (1 5/8”) Matchbox - New Model
03 Cement Mixer Matchbox - New Model

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