60th Anniversary Cards

In the USA some of the regular 1-125 series for 2012 were also released on special cards.

MB519 : Fire Hovercraft MB519-16 : Fire Hovercraft
MB731 : Baja Bandit MB731-18 : Baja Bandit
MB787 : Express Delivery Truck MB787-06 : Express Delivery Truck
MB795 : Cliff Hanger MB795-09 : Cliff Hanger
MB830 : SWAT Truck MB830-04 : S.W.A.T. Truck
MB831 : ATV 6×6 MB831-05 : ATV 6x6
MB842 : Blizzard Buster MB842-02 : Blizzard Buster
MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-01 : Load Lifter

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