Convoy Miniatures

Convoys – 2020

2020 saw the ‘Convoy’ name return, this time in twin packs that contained 1 convoy rig & a mainline vehicle to match.

Matchbox Convoys 2020 - Skyjacker
Matchbox MB1026-05 : International Lonestar Matchbox MB1026-05 : International Lonestar Box Trailer Matchbox MB720-A-27 : 1972 Ford Bronco 4x4
MB1026 : International Lonestar Box Trailer MB720-A : 1972 Ford Bronco 4×4
Matchbox Convoys 2020 - Tesla
Matchbox MB1110-01 : Tesla Semi Matchbox MB1110-01 : Tesla Semi Box Trailer Matchbox MB903-05 : Tesla Model S
MB1110 : Tesla Semi Box Trailer MB903 : Tesla Model S
Matchbox Convoys 2020 - Dragon Slayer
Matchbox MB1150-07 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB1150-07 : MBX Rig I Cabover Tanker Trailer Matchbox MB732-12 : Badlander
MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Tanker Trailer MB732 : Badlander
Matchbox Convoys 2020 - Sequioa
Matchbox MB977-05 : 2013 Ford Cargo Matchbox MB977-05 : 2013 Ford Cargo Logging Trailer Matchbox MB916-04 : Dirt Smasher
MB977 : ’13 Ford Cargo Logging Trailer MB916 : Dirt Smasher
Matchbox Convoy 2020 #05
Matchbox MB1110 : Tesla Semi Matchbox MB1110 : Tesla Semi Pipe Trailer Matchbox MB856 : Load Lifter
MB1110 : Tesla Semi  Pipe Traier MB856 : Load Lifter
Matchbox Convoy 2020 #06
Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Box Trailer Matchbox MB988 : Power Lift
MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Box Trailer MB988 : Power Lift
Matchbox Convoy 2020 #07
Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Auto Transport Trailer Matchbox MB1167 : Mini Cooper Countryman
MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Auto Transport Trailer MB1167 : Mini Cooper Countryman
Matchbox Convoy 2020 #08
Matchbox MB1026 : International Lonestar Matchbox MB1026 : International Lonestar Rocket Trailer Matchbox MB813 : Express Delivery Truck
MB1026 : International Lonestar Rocket Trailer MB813 : Express Delivery



9 Pack : 2016 #02

(Exclusive Model)
MB749 :  Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 Matchbox MB749 : 2008 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1
MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-05 : Load Lifter
MB767 : Quick Sander Matchbox MB767 : Quick Sander
MB948 : Ground Breaker MB948-04 : Ground Breaker

MB856 : Load Lifter

First Released : 2012
Scale : Generic

01 02 03
MB856-01 : Load Lifter MB856-02 : Load Lifter MB856-03 : Load Lifter
Released: 2012
Body: Green
Chassis: Grey
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: Orange
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Bright Orange)
Tampo: Airport Lift 96
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2013, 2018 & 2020
Body: Yellow
Chassis: Yellow
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: Grey
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Yellow)
Tampo: Load Lifter 2200
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2014
Body: White
Chassis: Grey
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: Orange
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Black)
Tampo: RANEC Equipment
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
1-120 #08

60th Anniversary

20 Pack

2013 : 1-125 #04

2018 : 1-120 #47

2020 : Convoys

1-125 #27
04 05 06
MB856-04 : Load Lifter MB856-05 : Load Lifter MB856-06 : Load Lifter
Released: 2015
Body: Blue
Chassis: Grey
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: Yellow
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Chrome)
Tampo: INC Constructions
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2016
Body: Dark Grey
Chassis: Light Grey
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: Orange
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Smoke)
Tampo: Matchbox Toybox 8
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2017
Body: Dark Yellow
Chassis: Black
Interior: Grey
Lifting Arm: Black
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Smoke)
Tampo: WU Construction
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
5 Pack : Construction Zone

Power Grabs

5 Pack : Construction Zone

9 Pack

5 Pack : City Service
07 08
MB856-07 : Load Lifter Matchbox MB856-08 : Load Lifter
Released: 2019
Body: Red
Chassis: Red
Interior: Black
Lifting Arm: White
Wheels: 6 Spoke Ringed Gear (Black)
Tampo: Unit 5
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
Released: 2020
Body: Light Blue
Chassis: Black
Interior: Dark Blue
Lifting Arm: Black
Wheels: 6 Spoke Utility (Smoke)
Tampo: LA Construction
Baseplate: ©2012 Mattel Thailand
1-100 #38 1-100 #19



60th Anniversary Cards

In the USA some of the regular 1-125 series for 2013 were also released on special cards.

MB519 : Fire Hovercraft MB519-16 : Fire Hovercraft
MB731 : Baja Bandit MB731-18 : Baja Bandit
MB783 : Jungle Crawler Matchbox MB783 : Jungle Crawler
MB787 : Express Delivery Truck MB787-06 : Express Delivery Truck
MB795 : Cliff Hanger MB795-09 : Cliff Hanger
MB825 : Road Tripper MB825-07 : Road Tripper
MB830 : SWAT Truck MB830-04 : S.W.A.T. Truck
MB831 : ATV 6×6 MB831-05 : ATV 6x6
MB839 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox MB839-02 : Urban Tow Truck
MB840 : Water Hauler Matchbox MB840-01 : Water Hauler
MB842 : Blizzard Buster MB842-02 : Blizzard Buster
MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-01 : Load Lifter



5 Pack : 2017 #08 – City Service

MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-06 : Load Lifter
MB901 : Ford Crown Victoria MB901-05 : Ford Crown Victoria
MB937 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox MB937-04 : Urban Tow Truck
MB992 : City Bus Matchbox MB992-03 : City Bus
MB873 : International Armored Car MB873-03 : International Armored Car
Miniatures Working Rigs

Theme : RANEC

In 2010, Matchbox begun releasing a range of vehicles with the themed livery of RANEC a fictitious construction company.

Year Model <click to enlarge>
2010 RW010 : MBX Crane Truck Matchbox Real Working Rigs RW010 : MBX Crane Truck
2010 MB789 : Skidster MB789-01 : Skidster
2012 MB745 : Scraper
2014 MB856 : Load Lifter MB856-03 : Load Lifter
2015 MB970 : Ford F-150 Contractors Truck Matchbox MB970 : 2015 Ford F-150 Contractor Truck
2019 MB1043 : Tree Lugger MB1043-03 : Tree Lugger
2019 MB710 : Dirt Hauler MB710-12 : Dirt Hauler
2020 MB840 : Water Hauler Matchbox MB840-08 : Water Hauler
2021 MB886 : Ground Grinder Matchbox MB886 : Ground Grinder
2021 MB1041 : 1962 Nissan Junior Matchbox MB1041 : 1962 Nissan Junior
2021 MB1008 : Tilt N Tip Matchbox MB1008 : Tilt N Tip
2021 MB985 : 1957 GMC Stepside Pickup Matchbox MB985 : 1957 GMC Stepside Pick Up
2021 MB918 : Drill Digger Matchbox MB918 : Drill Digger
2021 RW046 : Road Scraper Matchbox Real Working Rigs RW046 : Road Scraper
2021 RW010 : MBX Crane Truck Matchbox Real Working Rigs RW010 : MBX Crane Truck


Miniatures Skybusters

Matchbox Generic Models

Over the years many original designs or generic models have been released by Matchbox this is to help reduce costs and thus improve the profits of the range.  Many designs lend themselves really well to this concept like road rollers or graders as most children will not know (or care) about branding and licensed models.  Here is a list of all those models :

Matchbox MB919 : Acre Maker
Acre Maker
Matchbox Skybusters SB-86 : Airblade Matchbox Skybusters SB-55 : Airliner Matchbox Skybusters SB-62 : Airliner
Airblade Airliner (SB-55) Airliner (SB-62)
Matchbox MB679 : Ambulance Matchbox MB1114 : Armoured Action Truck Matchbox MB510 : Armored Response Vehicle
Ambulance Armoured Action Truck Armored Response Vehicle (MB510)
Matchbox MB606 : Armored Response Vehicle Matchbox MB1191 : MBX Armored Truck Matchbox MB831 : ATV 6x6
Armored Response Vehicle (MB606) Armored Truck ATV 6×6
Matchbox MB732 : Badlander Matchbox MB731 : Baja Bandit
Badlander Baja Bandit
Matchbox MB968 : Bay Brigade Matchbox Skybusters SB-85 : Biplane Matchbox MB842 : Blizzard Buster
Bay Brigade Biplane Blizzard Buster (MB842)
Matchbox MB934 : Blizzard Buster Matchbox MB907 : Blockade Buster
Blizzard Buster (MB934) Blockade Buster
Matchbox MB493 : Bulldozer Matchbox Skybusters SB-156 : Bubble Copter Matchbox MB1084 : Camo Convoy
Bulldozer Bubble Copter Camo Convoy
Matchbox MB1259 : Cement Trailer Matchbox Working Rigs RW040 : Cement Truck
CatCar Cement Trailer Cement Truck
Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II
Chow Mobile II
Matchbox MB662 : City Bus Matchbox MB992 : City Bus Matchbox MB795 : Cliff Hanger
City Bus (MB662) City Bus (MB992) Cliff Hanger
Matchbox Real Working Rigs RW010 : MBX Crane Truck Matchbox Skybusters SB-154 : MBX Crop Duster Matchbox MB834 : Crop Master
Crane Truck Crop Duster Crop Master
Matchbox Working Rig RW027 : Crop Sprayer Matchbox MB1113 : Deep Diver Submarine Matchbox MB891 : Deep Dive
Crop Sprayer Deep Dive Submarine Deep Diver
Matchbox MB993 : Delivery Service Truck Matchbox MB712-A : Desert Thunder V16 Matchbox MB928 : Desert Thunder V16
Delivery Service Truck Desert Thunder V16 (MB712-A) Desert Thunder V16 (MB928)
Matchbox 01A – Diesel Road Roller Matchbox MB916 : Dirt Smasher Matchbox MB1010 : Dirtstroyer
Diesel Road Roller Dirt Smasher Dirtstroyer
Matchbox MB918 : Drill Digger Matchbox MB710-A : Dump Truck
Drill Digger Dump Truck (MB710-A)
Matchbox Skybusters SB-152 : Enemy Strike Jet Matchbox Working Rigs RW028 : MBX Excavator
Enemy Strike Jet Excavator
Matchbox MB813 : Express Delivery Truck Matchbox MB1243 : MBX Field Car Matchbox MB902 : Field Tripper
Express Delivery Truck Field Car II Field Tripper
Matchbox MB519 : Fire Hovercraft Matchbox MB698 : Flame Tamer
Fire Dasher Fire Hovercraft Flame Tamer (MB698)
Matchbox MB949 : Flame Tamer Matchbox Color Changer MB1065 : Flame Tamer Matchbox MB564 : Foam Fire Truck
Flame Tamer (MB949) Flame Tamer (MB1065) Foam Fire Truck
Matchbox MB889 : Food Truck Matchbox MB999 : Food Truck Matchbox MB847 : Frost Fighter
Food Truck (MB889) Food Truck (MB999) Frost Fighter
Matchbox MB904 : Garbage Gulper Matchbox MB1217 : MBX Garbage Scout Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck
Garbage Gulper Garbage Scout Garbage Truck
Matchbox MB1042 : Glass King Matchbox MB640 : Go Rolla
Glass King Go-Rolla
Matchbox MB707 : Ground Breaker Matchbox MB948 : Ground Breaker Matchbox MB886 : Ground Grinder
Ground Breaker (MB707) Ground Breaker (MB948) Ground Grinder
Matchbox MB1048 : Hail Cat Matchbox MB796 : Hazard Squad
Hail Cat Hazard Squad (MB796)
Matchbox MB996 : Hazard Squad Matchbox MB1099 : Hazard Squad Matchbox MB778 : Heritage Ice Cream Truck
Hazard Squad (MB996) Hazard Squad (MB1099) Heritage Ice Cream Truck
Matchbox Skybusters SB-70 : Hypersonic Jet
Hypersonic Jet
Matchbox MB783 : Jungle Crawler Matchbox MB941 : Jungle Crawler
Jungle Crawler (MB783) Jungle Crawler (MB941) Jungle Crawler (MB1061)
Matchbox MB856 : Load Lifter Matchbox MB748 : MBX 4x4 Matchbox MB1176 : MBX Backhoe
Load Lifter MBX 4×4 MBX Backhoe
Matchbox MB1215 : MBX Cycle Trailer Matchbox MB1074 : MBX Flatbed King
MBX Cycle Trailer MBX Flatbed King
Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB695 : MBX Tanker
MBX Rig I Cabover MBX Tanker
Matchbox MB1018 : MBXcavator Matchbox MB978 : Meter Made
MBXcavator Meter Made
Matchbox MB1249 : MBX Mini Cargo Truck Matchbox MB917 : Mini Dozer
Mini Cargo Truck Mini Dozer
Matchbox MB1189 : MBX Mini Swisher Matchbox Skybusters SB-64 : Mission Chopper Matchbox Off-Road Rescue Rig
Mini Swisher Mission Chopper Off-Road Rescue Rig
Matchbox Pirate Car Matchbox MB1175 : Poop King
Pirate Car Poop King
Matchbox MB370 : Postal Service Delivery Truck Matchbox MB988 : Power Lift Matchbox Skybuster SB148 : MBX Private Jet
Postal Service Delivery Truck Power Lift (MB988) Private Jet
Matchbox Skybuster SB-82 : Pusher Prop Matchbox MB767 : Quick Sander Matchbox MB972 : Rain Maker
Pusher Prop Quick Sander Rain Maker
Matchbox MB909 : Rapids Rescue Matchbox MB541 : Rescue Helicopter
Rapids Rescue Rescue Helicopter (MB541)
Matchbox MB849-A : Rescue Helicopter Matchbox MB984 : Rescue Helicopter Matchbox MB716 : Ridge Raider
Rescue Helicopter (MB849) Rescue Helicopter (MB984) Ridge Raider (MB716)
Matchbox MB1131 : Ridge Raider Matchbox Real Working RIgs RW020 : MBX Road Grader Matchbox MB1004 : Road Mauler
Ridge Raider (MB1131) Road Grader Road Mauler
Matchbox MB895 : Road Raider Matchbox Real Working Rigs RW046 : Road Scraper Matchbox MB1251 : Road Stripe King
Road Raider Road Scraper Road Stripe King
Matchbox MB825 : Road Tripper Matchbox MB1085 : RSQ-18 Tank
Road Tripper RSQ-18 Tank
Matchbox MB973 : Runway Wrangler Matchbox MB910 : Sahara Sweeper
Runway Wrangler Sahara Sweeper
Matchbox MB861 : Sand Shredder Matchbox MB845 : 4x4 Scrambulance Matchbox MB989 : 4x4 Scrambulance
Sand Shredder Scrambulance (MB845) Scrambulance (MB989)
Matchbox Skybusters SB-98 : Sea Arrow Matchbox MB1007 : Sea Hunter Matchbox MB926 : Sea Spy
Sea Arrow Sea Hunter Sea Spy
Matchbox MB1212 : MBX Self Driving Bus Matchbox MB789 : Skidster Matchbox Skybusters SB-100 : Sky Crane
Self Driving Bus Skidster Sky Crane
Matchbox MB1044 : Snow Thrasher
Snow Thrasher
Matchbox MB1058 : Sonora Shredder Matchbox MB37-B : Soopa Coopa Matchbox MB963 : Spark Arrestor
Sonora Shredder Soopa Coopa Spark Arrestor
Matchbox MB1045 : Speed Trapper Matchbox MB601 : Super Dozer Matchbox MB824 : S.W.A.T. Truck
Speed Trapper Super Dozer SWAT Truck (MB824)
Matchbox MB830 : S.W.A.T. Truck Matchbox MB1016 : Swift Shuttle Matchbox MB027 : Swing Wing Jet
SWAT Truck (MB830) Swift Shuttle Swing Wing Jet
Matchbox MB1008 : Tilt N Tip Matchbox MB1047 : Tinforcer Matchbox MB703 : Tractor
Tilt N Tip Tinforcer Tractor
Matchbox MB686 : Tractor Plow Matchbox MB950 : Tractor Plow
Tractor Plow (MB686) Tractor Plow (MB950)
Matchbox MB912 : Trail Tracker Matchbox MB1076 : Trailer Trawler Matchbox MB923 : Travel Tracker
Trail Tracker Trailer Trawler Travel Tracker
Matchbox MB718 : Travel Trailer Matchbox MB747 : Travel Trailer Matchbox MB868 : Travel Trailer
Travel Trailer
(Metal Upper)(MB718)
Travel Trailer
(Plastic Upper)(MB747)
Travel Trailer
Matchbox MB1271 : Travel Trailer II Matchbox MB1043 : Tree Lugger
Travel Trailer II Tree Lugger
Matchbox MB1054 : Tuk Tuk Matchbox Skybusters SB-83 : Twin Boom
Tuk Tuk Twin Boom
Matchbox Skybusters SB-87 : Twin Engine Blaze Buster Matchbox MB839 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox MB937 : Urban Tow Truck
Twin Engine Blaze Buster Urban Tow Truck (MB839) Urban Tow Truck (MB937)
Matchbox MB840 : Water Hauler Matchbox MB936 : Water Tanker Matchbox MB1034 : Xcanner
Water Hauler (MB840) Water Tanker (MB936) Xcanner



2020 : Matchbox Miniatures

There were 2 types of packaging used :

Long Card Short Card Short Card – Special
Matchbox 2020 Long Card Matchbox 2020 Short Card Matchbox 2020 Short Card - Special


Issue No.  Model Name Group < click to enlarge >  
01 MB1199 : 2019 Jeep Renegade MBX City Matchbox MB1199 : 2019 Jeep Renegade Matchbox - New Model
02 MB1218 : 2019 VW Beetle Convertible MBX City Matchbox MB1218-01 : 2019 VW Beetle Convertible Matchbox - New Model
03 MB1212 : MBX Self Driving Bus MBX City Matchbox MB1212-01 : MBX Self Driving Bus Matchbox - New Model
04 MB1202 : 2020 Western Star Matchbox vehicle not released Matchbox - New Model
05 MB1216 : Renault Kangoo MBX City Matchbox MB1216-01 : Renault Kangoo Matchbox - New Model
06 MB1208 : LEVC TX Taxi MBX City Matchbox MB1208 : LEVC TX Taxi Matchbox - New Model
07 MB1198 : 1994 Chevy Caprice Classic Police MBX City Matchbox MB1198-01 : 1994 Chevy Caprice Classic Police Matchbox - New Model
08 MB1200 : Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 MBX City Matchbox MB1200-01 : Volkswagen Golf Mk 1 Matchbox - New Model
09 MB1207 : ’41 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe MBX City Matchbox MB1207-01 : '41 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe Matchbox - New Model
10 MB1217 : MBX Garbage Scout MBX CIty Matchbox - New Model
11 MB1167 : ’11 Mini Countryman MBX City Matchbox MB1167-02 : 2011 Mini Countryman
12 MB1205 : 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia MBX City MB1205-01 : 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Matchbox - New Model
13 MB1169: 1980 Mercedes-Benz W123 Wagon MBX City Matchbox MB1169 : 1980 Mercedes-Benz W 123 Wagon
14 MB042 : 1957 Ford Thunderbird MBX City Matchbox MB042-44 : 1957 Ford Thunderbird
15 MB1168 : ’18 Dodge Charger MBX City Matchbox MB1168-02 : '18 Dodge Charger