Matchbox Generic Models

Over the years many original designs or generic models have been released by Matchbox this is to help reduce costs and thus improve the profits of the range.  Many designs lend themselves really well to this concept like road rollers or graders as most children will not know (or care) about branding and licensed models.  Here is a list of all those models :

Matchbox MB1114 : Armoured Action Truck Matchbox MB606 : Armored Response Vehicle Matchbox MB732 : Badlander
Armoured Action Truck Armored Response Vehicle Badlander
Matchbox MB731 : Baja Bandit Matchbox MB907 : Blockade Buster Matchbox MB493 : Bulldozer
Baja Bandit Blockade Buster Bulldozer
Matchbox MB1259 : Cement Trailer Matchbox MB1250 : Chow Mobile II
CatCar Cement Trailer Chow Mobile II
Matchbox MB662 : City Bus Matchbox MB992 : City Bus Matchbox MB795 : Cliff Hanger
City Bus (MB662) City Bus (MB992) Cliff Hanger
Matchbox MB834 : Crop Master Matchbox MB1113 : Deep Diver Submarine Matchbox MB891 : Deep Dive
Crop Master Deep Dive Submarine Deep Diver
Matchbox MB993 : Delivery Service Truck Matchbox MB712-A : Desert Thunder V16 Matchbox MB928 : Desert Thunder V16
Delivery Service Truck Desert Thunder V16 (MB712-A) Desert Thunder V16 (MB928)
Matchbox 01A – Diesel Road Roller Matchbox MB916 : Dirt Smasher Matchbox MB918 : Drill Digger
Diesel Road Roller Dirt Smasher Drill Digger
Matchbox Working Rigs RW028 : MBX Excavator Matchbox MB813 : Express Delivery Truck Matchbox MB1243 : MBX Field Car
Excavator Express Delivery Truck Field Car II
Matchbox MB889 : Food Truck Matchbox MB999 : Food Truck
Fire Dasher Food Truck (MB889) Food Truck (MB999)
Matchbox MB742 : Garbage Truck Matchbox MB640 : Go Rolla Matchbox MB886 : Ground Grinder
Garbage Truck Go-Rolla Ground Grinder
Matchbox MB796 : Hazard Squad Matchbox MB996 : Hazard Squad Matchbox MB1099 : Hazard Squad
Hazard Squad (MB796) Hazard Squad (MB996) Hazard Squad (MB1099)
Matchbox MB778 : Heritage Ice Cream Truck Matchbox MB783 : Jungle Crawler Matchbox MB941 : Jungle Crawler
Heritage Ice Cream Truck Jungle Crawler (MB783) Jungle Crawler (MB941)
Jungle Crawler (MB1061)
Matchbox MB856 : Load Lifter Matchbox MB1176 : MBX Backhoe Matchbox MB1215 : MBX Cycle Trailer
Load Lifter MBX Backhoe MBX Cycle Trailer
Matchbox MB1074 : MBX Flatbed King Matchbox MB1217 : MBX Garbage Scout
MBX Flatbed King MBX Garbage Scout
Matchbox MB1189 : MBX Mini Swisher Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB1212 : MBX Self Driving Bus
MBX Mini Swisher MBX Rig I Cabover MBX Self Driving Bus
Matchbox MB695 : MBX Tanker
MBX Tanker
Matchbox MB978 : Meter Made Matchbox Off-Road Rescue Rig Matchbox MB1175 : Poop King
Meter Made Off-Road Rescue Rig Poop King
Matchbox MB370 : Postal Service Delivery Truck Matchbox MB988 : Power Lift Matchbox Pirate Car
Postal Service Delivery Truck Power Lift (MB988) Pirate Car
Matchbox MB972 : Rain Maker Matchbox MB1004 : Road Mauler Matchbox MB895 : Road Raider
Rain Maker Road Mauler Road Raider
Matchbox MB1251 : Road Stripe King
Road Stripe King
Matchbox MB910 : Sahara Sweeper Matchbox MB861 : Sand Shredder Matchbox MB926 : Sea Spy
Sahara Sweeper Sand Shredder Sea Spy
Matchbox MB789 : Skidster Matchbox MB1058 : Sonora Shredder Matchbox MB37-B : Soopa Coopa
Skidster Sonora Shredder Soopa Coopa
Matchbox MB1045 : Speed Trapper Matchbox MB601 : Super Dozer Matchbox MB824 : S.W.A.T. Truck
Speed Trapper Super Dozer SWAT Truck
Matchbox MB027 : Swing Wing Jet Matchbox MB1008 : Tilt N Tip Matchbox MB703 : Tractor
Swing Wing Jet Tilt N Tip Tractor
Matchbox MB912 : Trail Tracker Matchbox MB1076 : Trailer Trawler Matchbox MB923 : Travel Tracker
Trail Tracker Trailer Trawler Travel Tracker
Matchbox MB1054 : Tuk Tuk Matchbox MB839 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox MB937 : Urban Tow Truck
Tuk Tuk Urban Tow Truck (MB839) Urban Tow Truck (MB937)
Matchbox MB840 : Water Hauler Matchbox MB936 : Water Tanker
Water Hauler (MB840) Water Tanker (MB936)


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