Matchbox Generic Models

Over the years many original designs or generic models have been released by Matchbox this is to help reduce costs and thus improve the profits of the range.  Many designs lend themselves really well to this concept like road rollers or graders as most children will not know (or care) about branding and licensed models.  Here is a list of all those models :

Matchbox MB732 : Badlander Matchbox MB907 : Blockade Buster Matchbox MB662 : City Bus
Badlander Blockade Buster City Bus (MB662)
Matchbox MB1113 : Deep Diver Submarine Matchbox MB1150 : MBX Rig I Cabover Matchbox MB1212 : MBX Self Driving Bus
Deep Dive Submarine MBX Rig I Cabover MBX Self Driving Bus
Matchbox MB1045 : Speed Trapper Matchbox MB824 : S.W.A.T. Truck
Speed Trapper SWAT Truck
Matchbox MB912 : Trail Tracker Matchbox MB1054 : Tuk Tuk
Trail Tracker Tuk Tuk
Matchbox MB839 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox MB937 : Urban Tow Truck
Urban Tow Truck (MB839) Urban Tow Truck (MB937)













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