Learning Blox

In 2016, Matchbox released a set of 26 standard release vehicles. Each model was given a unique box so that the model & box would represent one of the 26 letters of the Alphabet.

A Ambulance
B Boat MB968 : Bay Brigade MB968-02 : Bay Brigade
C Camper
D Dump Truck
E Excavator
F Fire Truck MB755 : Pierce Dash Fire Engine Matchbox MB755-23 : Pierce Dash Fire Engine
G Garbage Truck
H Helicopter MB1007 : Sea Hunter Matchbox MB1007-01 : Sea Hunter
I Ice Vehicle
J Jeep
K Karmann Ghia​​​ MB883 : Volkswagon Type 34 Karmann Ghia MB883-05 : Volkswagon Type 34 Karmann Ghia
L Locomotive
M Motorcycle
N News Van
O Off Road Vehicle
P Police Car MB966 : BMW M5 Police Matchbox Learning Blox P
Q Quad Bike
R Road Roller
S SWAT Truck MB830 : SWAT Truck Matchbox Learning Blox - S
T Tow Truck MB937 : Urban Tow Truck Matchbox Learning Blox Tow Truck
U Underwater Submarine MB891: Deep Diver Matchbox Learning Blox - U
V Van
W Water Vehicle
X X-Ray Truck MB1034 : Xcanner Leaning Blox - X - MB1034 : Xcanner
Y Yacht
Z Zamboni

Matchbox Learning Blox Matchbox Learning Blox Matchbox Learning Blox

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