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Across America 50th Birthday Series

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Matchbox a special ”Birthday” collection of 50 vehicles was released, each car came with a small plastic license plate to represent each of the 50 states of America. There were an additional 4 vehicles exclusive (Mail in) models for 4 countries and another 4 models released world wide.

01 02 03
Card No.: NE97552
Model: Volkswagen Concept 1
State: Delaware
Card No.: NE97526
Model: ’97 Chevy Tahoe
State: Pennsylvania
Card No.: NE97542
Model: Ikarus Coach
State: New Jersey
04 05 06
Matchbox MB405-11 : Volkswagen Delivery Van MB363-19 : 1962 Volkswagen Beetle
Card No.: S97543
Model: MB405 : VW Delivery Van
State: Georgia
Card No.: NE97503
Model: Mercedes-Benz ML 430
State: Connecticut
Card No.: NE97525
Model: MB363: 1962 VW Beetle
State: Massachusetts
Matchbox Across America GA 004
Matchbox MB405-11 : Volkswagen Delivery Van
07 08 09
Card No.: NE97506
Model: Crabing Boat
State: Maryland
Card No.: S97509
Model: Golf Cart
State: South Carolina
Card No.: NE97524
Model: 1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Police
State: New Hampshire
10 11 12
Card No.: S97508
Model: Chevrolet Impala Police
State: Virginia
Card No.: NE97502
Model: King Tow
State: New York
Card No.: S97507
Model: Snorkel Fire Truck
State: North Carolina
13 14 15
Card No.: NE97504
Model: Land Rover Freelander
State: Rhode Island
Card No.: NE97501
Model: Land Rover Discovery
State: Vermont
Card No.: S97511
Model: Pony Trailer
State: Kentucky
16 17 18
Matchbox MB543 : Nissan Xterra - No Kayaks
Card No.: S97528
Model: MB543: Nissan Xterra
State: Tennessee
Card No.: NE97505
Model: Ford Crown Victoria
State: Ohio
Card No.: S97544
Model: White Water Raft Boat
State: Louisiana
Matchbox MB543 : Nissan Xterra - No Kayaks
Matchbox MB543 : Nissan Xterra - No Kayaks
19 20 21
Card No.: C97512
Model: ’97 Corvette
State: Indiana
Card No.: S97510
Model: Extending Ladder Fire Truck
State: Mississippi
Card No.:
Model: International Pumper
State: Illinois
22 23 24
Card No.: S97554
Model: Airport Fire Pumper
State: Alabama
Card No.: NE97551
Model: ’56 Ford Pick-Up
State: Maine
Card No.: C97532
Model: TV News Truck
State: Missouri
25 26 27
Card No.: S97529
Model: Mack Auxiliary Power Truck
State: Arkansas
Card No.: C96871
Model: 1921 Ford Model T
State: Michigan
Card No.: S97527
Model: 1969 Camaro SS-396
State: Florida
28 29 30
Card No.: C97535
Model: Dodge Dakota
State: Texas
Card No.: C97533
Model: MB-Trac 1600 Turbo
State: Iowa
Card No.: C97515
Model: Peterbilt Tanker
State: Wisconsin
31 32 33
Card No.: W97519
Model: 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible
State: California
Card No.: C97516
Model: Ford F-Series w/Raft
State: Minnesota
Card No.: W97520
Model: Dennis Sabre
State: Oregon
34 35 36
MB446-07 : International Armored Car
Card No.: C97545
Model: Weather Radar Truck
State: Kansas
Card No.: S97553
Model: Jeep Grand Cherokee
State: West Virginia
Card No.: W97539
Model: International Armored Car
State: Nevada
37 38 39
Card No.: C97546
Model: Ford Dump/Utility Truck
State: Nebraska
Card No.: W97517
Model: Snowmobile
State: Colorado
Card No.: C97536
Model: Highway Maintenance Truck
State: North Dakota
40 41 42
Card No.: C97550
Model: 1998 Jeep Wrangler
State: South Dakota
Card No.: W97538
Model: Ford Bronco II
State: Montana
Card No.:
Model: Ambulance
State: Washington
43 44 45
MB436-08 : 2000 Chevrolet Suburban ©Steven Leary
Card No.: W97556
Model: Chevy Suburban
State: Idaho
Card No.: W97537
Model: Truck Camper
State: Wyoming
Card No.: W97514
Model: Ford Explorer Sport Trac
State: Utah
46 47 48
Card No.: C97534
Model: Cattle Truck
State: Oklahoma
Card No.: W97518
Model: Ford Expedition Police
State: New Mexico
Card No.: W97555
Model: Isuzu Rodeo
State: Arizona
49 50
Card No.: W97522
Model: Snow Doctor
State: Alaska
Card No.: W97523
Model: Jeep Wrangler 4×4
State: Hawaii



51 52 53
Matchbox MB180 : Land Rover Defender 90
Model: Mercedes-Benz ML 430
State: Canada
Model: Land Rover Ninety
State: Mexico
Model: Concept 1 Beetle Convertible
State: Puerto Rico
  Matchbox Across America 3 Pack
Matchbox MB042-23 : 1957 Ford Thunderbird  
Model: MB042: 1957 Ford Thunderbird
Matchbox Across America 3 Pack  


Exclusive (Mail-In)


Description <click to enlarge> 

1 Fire Saver
2 London Taxi
3 Model A Ford Van
4 MB363 : 1962 Volkswagen Beetle MB363-16 : 1962 Volkswagen Beetle


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